FQ: Food Intelligence


The idea of FQ first came to me out of the blue while riding my bike, listening to a podcast as the speaker was sharing insights about IQ and EQ. When I got home I researched to see if FQ was a thing, and didn’t come across any official reference or acknowledgment of the idea or term, but saw concepts like Spiritual Intelligence – coined in 1997, have been added to the lexicon. So why not Food Intelligence…

Since then I’ve been thinking about, and developing this term, Food Intelligence. I know it is real, as I observe what seems like a spectrum of food intelligence within modern society and feel I have personally experienced developing FQ within myself. 

I personally started out with what I would describe as very low FQ. Perhaps you might agree with me that modern societies like North America have on average a low food intelligence, based upon their diet and eating habits. I personally grew up in this way and culture, eating the standard north american diet enjoying lots of fast food and package food with little to-no correlation to eating and the needs of my body. It wasn’t until in my late teens, when as a result of becoming a vegetarian, and my health went down-hill did I begin to think about and question what I was eating.

Its been a journey to grow and develop this wisdom, sifting through all the food and nutrition information out there and ultimately connecting to the food itself as well as my own body. Today I’m no genius – haha! but I’ve observed that when applying consciousness to eating one can go along way to feeling more wise, healthier and mature in these ways.

I hope this helps you in the journey to recreate your relationship to food.


FQFood Intelligence


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