Recreate your relationship to food…

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Expanding perceptions about food and nutrition…

Malcolm Saunders will leave your audience uplifted and inspired.

If you have a team event, staff party, speakers series, trade show or conference you are organizing and are looking for content that is health and nutrition based and supported by the right mix of education and inspiration consider booking Malcolm to elevate your next event.

Malcolm’s style of presenting is an accessible mix of ‘how-to’ skills and concepts that are brought to life through stories and anecdotes, while referencing cultural traditions and supporting science. This combination provides a perfect balance of intellectual understanding, emotional connection and a light sense humour to add the element of fun.

Malcolm will keep your audiences engaged and entertained while sharing insight into a variety of topics that range from the scientific to the philosophical with practical techniques and concepts anyone can implement right away.

You can hire Malcolm for a feature presentation or as part of a program and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of topics to suit your theme and make your whole event more memorable.

Malcolm has the experience of being hired to speak by the city, small and large corporate clients as well as by community and special interest groups for both educational and team-building events.

Whether on stage, in a kitchen or a boardroom we can customize a program that suits your needs.

“Malcolm was an absolute treat to have speak at our Sunday Sessions. With a great combination of humour and quality information, Malcolm’s speech had the audience on the edge of their seat and really brought our event to life. It would be our pleasure to have Malcolm speak again at our future events.”

Zach Lyster – Owner of the Commons, Calgary and event organizer of the Sunday Sessions

Keynotes & Talks:

Intelligent Eating: How to Increase Your Food Intelligence and Develop True Nutrition Wisdom.

Intuitive Eating: Ditch the Dietary Dogma & Learn How You Can Begin to Remember and Trust the Innate Intelligence of Your Body.

Natural Food Guide: The 4 Essential Food Groups of Human Nutrition You Need to Know for Optimal Health.

Workshops & Trainings:

Be Your Own Chocolate Maker: Learn How to Make Delicious Superfood Chocolate 

Be Your Own Fermenteur: Learn How to Create Fermented Foods & Drinks for Increased Energy & Digestion

Elixir Crafting: How to Upgrade Your Morning Drink for Energy & Immunity

“Malcolm’s presence at our event captivated the audience and kept them engaged the whole time.  He was a hit with our community leaving them inspired and hungry for more. I will definitely bring him back next time the opportunity arises.”

  • Yarrow Willard, Curator of Vancouver Island Herb Gathering & Owner of Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary


Each talk or workshop can be customized to your event needs including if you would like to have your group involved with hands-on experience.

Leave a message below to request more information including detailed descriptions, timelines and rates and we’ll respond right away.



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Recreate your relationship to food…

Sign up to receive a free video e-course that will help you in developing & trusting your own wisdom when it comes to food and nutrition.