Recreate your relationship to food…

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I believe…

I believe food is sacred, healing and beautiful… I use it to uplift my everyday experience.

I believe eating food is one of the most intimate relationships we have between ourselves and the natural world.

I believe in keeping food as natural as possible because what we eat literally becomes our body and I’ve experienced how different foods, both good and bad, can effect my mind and emotions.

I believe that food which is good for my body, is also good for the Earth.

I believe my food choices have the power to help make the world a better place.

The Path…

Health through nutrition is a personal journey with food, and it’s about nourishing yourself and those you love. It’s about listening to your body, exploring what works and feeling what doesn’t.

I’ve personally experimented with many different dietary paths, trying on and testing out what I thought might work…

…Some things did, but a lot didn’t.

Today, I follow my gut more than nutrition trends and as a result I feel really good about my health and the relationship I have to food.

I certainly did not start here, and it wasn’t always this way….

When I first began this journey I really knew nothing.

I was 16 and knew how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, microwave pizza and how to toast pop tarts. The one thing I did have, perhaps like you, was an interest and desire to recreate my relationship to food. I knew I could do better and that I could feel good from the foods I ate…

I just didn’t know how to do it or even where to start.


In addition to being a dad, husband and entrepreneur, I am the founder, owner and creative visionary of the Light Cellar, which is considered to be one of the premiere superfood stores in North America.

My journey, and all that I have learned from then till now is what I share.

I started the Light Cellar out of my basement in 2008-2009 which has now evolved into a specialty retail store offering a diverse array of over 2000 unique and high quality foods. There is an elixir bar, learning kitchen as well as a production kitchen that hand-crafts chocolate, fermented foods, drinks and other healthy delights.

But perhaps what can be enjoyed most here is the sense of community, connection, non-judgement and the ability for anyone to learn and to grow with new knowledge, friends and foods.

Malcolm Saunders, teaching conferences

One of my true passions is teaching…

I’m currently pursuing my passion in public speaking where through my workshops and seminars, I’ve been able to help thousands of individuals recreate their relationship to food.

I am continuing this work by creating e-courses, getting on stage and filming “how-to” video’s.

My goal in doing all this is to provide you with insight into a variety of topics that range from the practical to the philosophical so you can gain the inspiration and confidence for your own health journey, and are empowered with new life skills that you can simply and easily put into action.

wireframe2-72Why I do what I do…

My journey in trying to figure out the food, health and nutrition puzzle has been a long and challenging one, and knowing what I know now, I know I can guide the process for you.

I’d like to help you get a little further, more easily, and without all the u-turns, circles and dead-ends I found myself on.

Though I have found that a lot of food science and nutrition ideas are great, they can most often be overwhelming and even disempowering.

Navigating the spectrum of various diet’s and nutritional theories can result in confusion and disconnection to our selves, our bodies and even our families.

After years of studying, my belief now is that we actually just need to simplify, and come back to basics – to whole foods, nutrient dense foods, prepared in healthful ways.

Though we can gain insight from modern science, reference traditional diets of the past and listen to the health gurus of today, there is an ultimate teacher and guide within you.

Your own body and its inherent wisdom hold the secret to you achieving vibrant health.

My approach is simple, practical, and most importantly attainable, so you will feel the shifts and the changes as you progress.

I call one of my YouTube video series “Easy Upgrades” because they are exactly that, small simple easy shifts you can apply that will make a difference.

I don’t recommend what I did, which was to turn my life upside down and change everything overnight.

What’s important to me is to keep my offering accessible to you in a way that it is practical, attainable and sustainable.

I’d love for you to join me so I can show you the simple concepts that have made the difference for me.

It would my pleasure to help you more deeply connect to your food so that you can feel really good about eating, creating & sharing food.

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I look forward to getting to know you and helping you in recreating your relationship with food.


Recreate your relationship to food…

Sign up to receive a free video e-course that will help you in developing & trusting your own wisdom when it comes to food and nutrition.